Music for Deep Sleep (Volume 1)

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Listen to your favorite sleep and meditation music from Sounds for Deep Sleep, the sleep sounds podcast with over 1.2M downloads.

What you get:

  • 5 WAV Files (Ultra HD Quality)
  • 5 MP3 Files
  • BONUS: 15-hour MP3 versions of each track
  • Pay once, listen forever
  • Support Sounds for Deep Sleep ♥️

Track List:

  1. Calming Ethereal Pads at 129 Hz
  2. Solfeggio Music at 432 Hz
  3. Serenity
  4. Angelic Pads
  5. Peaceful Guitar in E Major

"I have been using these tracks to meditate and for calm, easy rest. They're soothing and beautifully orchestrated, allowing my mind to rest easy and for problems to melt away! A slice of peace!" - Greg

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Access 5 exclusive songs to help you get deeper sleep

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Music for Deep Sleep (Volume 1)

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